Brokering relationships while
benefiting the world

Our model is simple and our concept rests upon a singular, foundational ideal: your time is valuable.

Our Process

A Different Way To Pitch

Salespeople use our platform to non-invasively demonstrate interest in speaking with a potential prospect.

If a salesperson is presented to you by way of our introduction, it means they have already agreed to donate an amount of money to a charitable cause in exchange for gaining audience with a given prospect. The salespeople who use us know that this is no guarantee of a sale; just the guarantee of an audience and an opportunity to explain their offering. They see the cost as a marketing expense no different than any other. It may lead to a return, but it also may not.

Decision makers user our platform as a screening tool by which they can determine if a given salesperson calling on them does in fact value their time. And, if their time is valued, they want to know that a charity they endorse will be benefited by their willingness to provide an amount of their time to a salesperson.

In short, we offer a more fair way of brokering B2B business relationships that also benefits the world.

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